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Vienna, VA 22180

The best way to reach me is to call my office (703-938-6100). Be sure to leave a telephone number below where you can be reached. Because email is not a private and confidential method of communication, I look forward to contacting you by phone in response to your message.


Forms can be filled through an online PFD filler, downloaded to your computer to be completed with Adobe Acrobat, or printed and completed by hand.

Adult Form Set

Background Information - Adults
Informed Consent
Financial Agreement

Child or Adolescent Form Set

Background Information - Child or Adolescent
Informed Consent
Adolescent Consent Form
Financial Agreement


Dr. Velkoff has been a life saver for me. I've faced a number of very challenging situations in my family life that have been difficult to talk about and deal with constructively. Dr.V. combines a nonjudgmental, respectful approach with her ability to provide a different perspective on any given situation to help me develop ways to overcome difficulties. Dr. Velkoff has given me the courage to believe in myself. I highly recommend Dr. V. if you are looking for a trustworthy, honest, empathetic, realistic, attentive, perspective-providing, intelligent, and sincere therapist. - LST

Dr V has been an incredible resource to our family through many changes and challenges. She's smart, funny, and has so much perspective on things. My husband, kids, and I have been so lucky to have her in our lives. - RA

Dr. Velkoff has been our family therapist and my personal therapist for many years. She is warm, insightful and empathetic, but also funny and practical. She asks the right questions and somehow gets me headed in the right direction, so I can work through problems and come up with my own solutions. I started seeing her when I was struggling to parent my very articulate four-year-old son. Within minutes, Dr. V helped me identify the problem: I was discussing a parenting decision with a child who just wanted a "yes", or a "no". So simple, but it was a revelation to me. And she is as wonderful a therapist with teens and young adults as she is with four-year-olds and their parents. She has guided me and my family through many ups and downs, and we are so grateful. I cannot recommend her highly enough. - LD

Count yourself lucky if you have found Dr. Velkoff as your therapist and wing man for any of life's pesky or overwhelming struggles. She offers a blend of skill and empathy which creates enduring results. As a thoughtful and patient listener she trusts you as the expert on your own experience while bringing immense resources as an advisor in a non-judgmental and uplifting way. She is full of positive, practical, often amusing, advice and I recommend her to anyone, especially individuals and families looking for exceptional warmth and experience. - ER

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